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    living in China for quiet some time I know the mandarin meaning for „Dong“ is „Light“ (like turn the lights on) but I also remember about 30 years ago photos floating around of a guy with extremely well „developed“ reproductive organ which name was „Long Dong Silver“

    Actually chinese seem not to do any research before they decide for any names.

    But that‘s vice versa when my company started to introduce the Mercedes C-Class on the chinese market (internal type description was 205) the marketing department didn‘t get that the chinese word for 205 means „extremely stupid“ ...
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    A big thank you to Steve and Thomas. Your laundering advice was very helpful. I washed the jacket 'a mano' in the bathtub with water at about 70℉, rinsed it three times, and let it drip dry hanging over the tub for about twenty four hours. Each hour for the first eight hours or so I did a little tug and pull on it to combat the shrink poltergeist, which seemed to have been successful. Jacket is now much more user friendly, and also looks a ton better. Again, thanks.
    Everybody knows that the word 'Dong' means a deep reverberating sound indicating that the Witch is dead. Actually, Dong is the standard monetary unit of Vietnam.
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    Thomas, just saw this post from you and the Bob Dong B-10. Looks great on you!

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