Insane price for used repro Aero A-"

Discussion in 'eBay / Auction Talk' started by Roughwear, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Silver Surfer

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    in the final analysis, it probably doesnt mater a whole lot, cause, aint no one gonna buy it. not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. i think this one should be filed under, "hope springs eternal"
  2. johnwayne

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    It would be nice to think that any criticism is only directed at those on eBay who are clearly out to mug those who don't know what members here do! Let's be honest, there are plenty giving total false information ie 'vintage Avirex' etc - no repro is vintage!! Clearly the female selling the first jacket is misled and any perceived criticism from members would be constructive I would like to think a la Ken trying to put her right!!!
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  3. jschare

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