Another scammer!

Discussion in 'eBay / Auction Talk' started by Roughwear, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

  2. Steve27752

    Steve27752 Well-Known Member

    Berkshire, U.K.
    looks like a nice one as well....But that is the idea.
  3. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    I remember it coming up for sale in the Autumn. The low price and free international shipping may well hook someone in. I have reported him to Ebay.
  4. John Lever

    John Lever Moderator

    Southern England
    Probably the same person or group as the others based in India but the item is in another country.
  5. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    I agree John. It is either one guy or a group based in India stealing other people's listings and hoping to make a quick profit. It looks like the listing has been removed.

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