WW2 Service shoes: soft toe?

Discussion in 'Vintage' started by regius, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. regius

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    Not exactly a jacket question but I’d give it a try. The US Army WW2 boots, cap toe russet version, is it unstructured toe? Or has a celastic toe inside? Some photo indicate it’s easily flattened but some say it has a structure. The latter roughout version (both navy & army) have soft toe.

    Looking at a pair by at the front.

    Thanks much!!

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  2. unclegrumpy

    unclegrumpy Well-Known Member

    Originals have structure, and still hold their shape with use.

    Don't know about the "celastic toe"...that may be something newer shoes/boots have.
  3. Thomas Koehle

    Thomas Koehle Active Member

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    i`m with "grumpy" - all "roughout" versions (buckle / service / boondockers) had an unstructured tip but the earlier russet version had structured - not as durable as modern steeltoes but at least to hold their shape

    if you look for the russet service boots from ATF i`d maybe consider to buy somewhere else - I own a pair but not really satisfied

    have to admit I got the boost more then 10 years ago so maybe quality got better with the time but at least with the ones in my possession I'm not extremel happy
  4. unclegrumpy

    unclegrumpy Well-Known Member

    ATF now has a new line of footwear that appears to be significantly better than their previous one...though now roughly twice the price...comparable to WW II Impressions. The old ATF line was what I would call "movie extra quality" for the guys that were soon to be blown up. SM Wholesale sells these too.

    One common issue people have with all of these boots is sizing. The fit is all over the board, and what they are marked does not always translate into anything. I'd factor that into your choice...meaning consider picking someone that has the sizes up and down from what you are ordering in stock.
  5. EmergencyIan

    EmergencyIan Active Member

    The newest ATF boots are really well made and size accurate. I own both the service shoes type II (russet) and type III (rough-out).

    - Ian
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  6. Remote People

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    Used originals purchased a few months ago for £29. Something to consider...

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  7. unclegrumpy

    unclegrumpy Well-Known Member

    Those are a reasonable pair of shoes to go with a wartime officer's service dress uniform. However, they are not that close to the ATF Service Shoes regius was considering:

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