W33-038 A2 Order Dates?

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    By chance, when looking at something completely different, found the order dates sometimes listed for the three W33-038 contracts (1755, 1756, and 1761) are not from 1944. With the new numbering system the order numbers reset every year and I was looking at a ~2000 numbered order from April '44, meaning the 1700 values are out of order for a Jun-44 production date. Quickly found a mid-1700 order number from 24-Dec-43, so then or until the end of 1943 is more likely for these three A2 productions. The 1943 date also matches Eastman's book. Of course, anything is possible, so trying to confirm the dates and quantities with the paperwork... Unless some can post?

    War "Limited Standard Use"
    Order Number => Original Maker

    W33-038 A.C.-1755 (11631) => J.A. Dubow Mfg. Co.
    1756 => Perry Sportswear Inc. (unsigned label)
    W33-038 A.C.-1761 => Bronco Mfg. Corp.
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    My opinion is that these last three contracts date to 1943. The later 1944 date was derived from this document posted on the net. I have not seen the original to verify it.

    The document I have is dated 13 June, 1944, from Maj. Gen B.E. Meyers, Office, Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Materiel, Maintenance and Distribution shows the following which I have excerpted:

    Perry Sportswear, Newburgh, New York, Jacket, leather, Type A-2 25,000
    J.A. Dubow, Chicago, Ill Jacket, Leather, Type A-2 35,000
    Paul Reed Co Milwaukee, Wis Intermediate B-10 Jacket, 7500
    Roughwear Clothing, New York B-10 Jacket, B15 Jacket 24,000
    Superior Togs, New York B-10 Jacket, B-15 Jacket 18,000

    However we know from the award of other contracts that the Dubow contract must pre-date June 1944 and I suspect that whilst the date of the document is correct this does not correlate with the contract award dates, which were significantly earlier.

    This is from a last contract Dubow auction.

    Its original owner, John M Frangadakis, who was born in 1924 to immigrant Greek parents, preferred a shorter version of his surname (Frangas or Frangos) and this is what he wrote into the jacket lining, along with his full 8-digit ASN 39124290. The Army did not recognize the shortened version of his name, however, so enlistment records show that he joined the Army in San Francisco in February 1943 under the original, longer version of his name; a practice which continued with his assignment as B-17 Tail Gunner with 385th Bomb Group, 550th Bomb Squadron, based in UK. He was shot down on his second mission on 4/29/44 as a member of the Sexton crew, tail number 42-107045, on the Group's Mission #100, target Magdelburg, and spent the duration of the war as a POW in Germany. Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) #4460 was cited.

    I now believe as Gary Eastman does that these last three A-2 contracts were awarded in 1943 probably as replacements for jackets in service. They are usually found in smaller sizes, 36-40.
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    makes sense, all around. i have yet to see any of these last 3 contracts in any size larger the a size 40. i reckon that the aaf ran through all of the available bigger guys, hahahaha

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