Shrinking a leather jacket?

Discussion in 'How To Info' started by Tom in Atlanta, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. John Lever

    John Lever Moderator

    Southern England
    Leaving a jacket out in theccsummer sun will shrink it also.
  2. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    Yes goatskin does shrink, but the problem will be shrinking the body and not the sleeves. So tumbling it is unlikely to work.
  3. MikeyB-17

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    Cornwall, UK
    Eat lots of pies. It’ ll soon get smaller.
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  4. Smithy

    Smithy Well-Known Member

    If a jacket doesn't fit then it doesn't fit. Yes there's things you can try, wetting and then stretching if too large, washing in hot water if too big.

    But all of these things are more than likely to completely bugger a jacket up, either the lining, stitching, the drape of the leather, or the proportions of the leather pieces in relation to other pieces on the jacket.

    If a jacket doesn't fit, is too big or too small, sell it and find something else.
  5. Skip

    Skip Well-Known Member

    Great Southern Land
    I agree with Tim. I've hot watered my AN-J-3 which was brand new, but only to fast track the wear, which worked. I wore it in the bloody hot Oz sun till it dried. It formed to my shape, shrunk a wee bit, but as you wear it, it stretches back to its original shape. It will also wear the knits (stretch) and lining by stretching and pulling at the stitches as it dries differently to the leather

    Never do this with vintage jackets unless you want them to fall apart all the quicker
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  6. Zmit

    Zmit New Member

    Thank you very much for your opinions and advice.

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