Price increase at Eastman Leather

Discussion in 'Reproduction manufacturers' started by Lorenzol, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. Persimmon

    Persimmon Well-Known Member

    Nottingham England
    A lovely machine indeed. Sadly borrowed.
    If it was mine I would think about selling it now.
    What with these latest jacket price increases I might be able to buy with the proceeds as many as 2 or 3 Eastman jackets !!!
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  2. CBI

    CBI Well-Known Member

    I can do both and do sometimes, fly with the correct jacket.
  3. Smithy

    Smithy Well-Known Member

    Fantastic photos! My dear old Dad did his initial flight training on a Tiggie with the RNZAF and he absolutely loved them.
  4. johnwayne

    johnwayne Well-Known Member

    Alan, is that the TM based at Duxford? A mate and I intend getting up there maybe this summer and giving it a go and yes I'd for sure wear one of my jackets! So far I've been up in a DC3, Harvard (ANJ3) and DH Rapide, ironically sans flight jacket!! 3 Eastman's or slightly less will get you a 30 minute spin in a Mk 9 Spitfire as I'm sure you know and from what I gather is just awesome and something I really intend to do, sooner rather than later.

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