Please, can identify this jacket???

Discussion in 'General Flight Jacket Discussion' started by Linx, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Glad you are enjoying it too!
    I will try to get some time to look through the ones I have but I don't think I have anything that is an exact match,I am simply going by the details as I see them.Lot of 'RAF' & 'USAF' flying jackets were sold mail order through adverts in the music papers and motorcycle magazines in the 1960's/70's and turn up on Ebay listed as such.Some of them get crazy prices whilst others seem to sell for little.

    Obviously these are not the same as the jacket in question but they all resemble genuine military jackets in some of their details.This is only the tip of the iceburg,I have had numerous styles of this kind of jacket pass through my hands.
    But,I am always ready to be enlightened...
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    I concur it isn't an issue jacket, and probably not wartime either, but it's a decent quality repro-you could be looking at the back of an ELC or Aero there in terms of the hide. There's no sign of that 'orrible thin 'leather' stuff as seen on that 'Irvin' Joeson's posted. Incidentally, back along I was missing owning a sheepskin jacket so much I nearly bought an identical jacket in a charity shop. Only my wife's predicted reaction brought me to my senses. Whilst looking, a bloke said to me in a knowledgeable fashion 'Air Force, mate'. I just smiled politely.

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