New Jackets and Jacket Photos from At The Front

Discussion in 'General Flight Jacket Discussion' started by CBI, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. CBI

    CBI Well-Known Member

    Love At The Front!

    Have a look at these new items as well as updated pics:

    N4 Deck Jacket

    Denim Jumper

    B10 Jackets

    if you go to the bottom of each item page, you will se other jacket/item links
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  2. ausreenactor

    ausreenactor Well-Known Member

    Mildura, heart of the Mallee.
    Not 'that' into Navy kit; however I think I need a set of the trousers and chambray shirt...
  3. Cobblers161

    Cobblers161 Well-Known Member

    East Sussex, UK
    The B-10 looks do-able and at that price I'd take a punt.

    I will get an N4, I've been looking at the Bronson version so it's a toss up between the two but the ATF is just pipping it at the post.

    Be good to hear some reviews of this new stock from our US brothers (and sisters).
  4. Technonut2112

    Technonut2112 Active Member

    West "By Gawd" Virginia, USA
    It is a decent looking B-10 for the $$, however, I prefer the 80% wool / 20% nylon lining which my Bronson B-10 sports over the 100% synthetic lining offered by ATF... Also, I like the 'brick' red knits, and mouton color the Bronson has compared to the more-or-less authentic ATF. Bronson 'cloned' the Buzz Rickson B-10 for theirs, and came pretty damn close IMO.. ;)
  5. CBI

    CBI Well-Known Member

    I have som many items from ATF, I can't really find time to do reviews but I have never really been disappointed with anything except their B-10 which was a bit poofy. The one shown on the link looks trimer but I don't think ATF has re-done them. The only other issue is forgetting how loose/wide some of these original items were and with ATF doing a realistic job on the cuts (frequently), some things, pants mainly sometimes are almost too loosely cut to wear.

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