how to repair tears in leather (horsehide oil pull)

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  1. photo2u

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    Hello friends,

    I am carefully looking into ways to repair my Aero dustbowl oil pull horsehide jacket.

    The damage appears to be torn in the leather where the leather pockets come at the corners.

    They are located in the lower parts in both pockets.

    I think in utilizing VERY CAREFULLY leather glue?

    Any advice in this matter is greatly appreciated!

    wide angle dustbowl.jpg
    [/ATTACH] left front pocket.jpg detailed pocket dust.jpg dustbowl close.jpg

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  2. Steve27752

    Steve27752 Well-Known Member

    Berkshire, U.K.
    I would not use a glue that will set hard and over time crack................I would use the same colour thread and sew from either side over the split. Or if the jacket is 'New' return it to the manufacturer.
  3. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    Yes sewing from the inside would work. You could also try a leather glue such as Barge Cement which works well on leather an is flexible.
  4. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer Well-Known Member

    amys leather glue works real well and is quite flexible, even years after application. if ya use it, ya have to hold the sides together for some 10+ minutes to guarantee that ya have it good and tight. here it comes....if the jacket is made from "oil pull", mission control, you have a problem. oil pull hides are as advertised, in that they are saturated with natural, and maybe not so natural oils, thus there is no adhesion between the hide and damn near any type of glue. after applying sun tan lotion to your kisser, try to stick a post it on your face. get it? how about 6oz hot rivets? naw, way too much work, and the weight? yikes, not to mention the drape. give the amys a try. it may hold. best solution is if the jacket is new, send it back to aero for repairs or replacement. yeah, sometime ya just gotta go to the paid professionals, ya know, like dentistry, colonoscopys, eye surgery, etc
  5. photo2u

    photo2u Member

    I am curious, has any other person has heard of this type of damage?

    Please advice,
  6. Ken at Aero Leather

    Ken at Aero Leather Well-Known Member

    I'm curious too, did this happen?
    I only recall seeing this damage to one of our jackets 3 times in 30+ years of Aero
    Once after a fracas in a Night Club
    Once as a result of a customer coming off a bike at a rate of knots
    Once to a pocket that got caught in a door handle "Rebel Without a Cause" style

    Rubber solution glue works well with leather but previously glued sections can be problematic to repair

    You'd be suprised to see how much glue is used by some of the "permium" leather manufatures, it makes top stitching SO much easier when the jacket is being made but makes doing satisfactory repairs (new zippers especially) really difficult.........that why we've stopped accepting Japanese jackets for repair
    We do use glue, Copydex, but very sparingly and only to hold the folded back edges of the leather around a pocket opening, nowhere else, in fact just where the tear on your pocket has occurred, making this more unusual, the glue strengths the area slightly
    If you are too far from God's Country (AKA Scotland) to post the jacket back to the factory for us to fix it, use Copydex.
    Either way, it's not going to be 100% invisible
  7. photo2u

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I have purchased several jackets from your company. Some have never been used like the anj-3 in my avatar. In true honesty, I do not think the damage was made by the user. I think it came with some repairs from the production line. I have this link to show a better angle of the previous repair: mag image damage.jpg
    As the owner of half belts, especially the long half belt, I have made a habit of not using the pocket. I like my jackets to look clean at the usual "wear and tear" locations.

    I thank you for offering the opportunity to repair it. I live in California. I understand making a blind stitch at this location is time-consuming and gluing is an option to address this particular area.

    I hope we can find a way to solve this mystery!
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  8. Ken at Aero Leather

    Ken at Aero Leather Well-Known Member

    Hi George

    If you think this is a production fault/flaw it should be sent back to the factory.
    Please send an email to me direct with the original invoice number or your full name & address Email is
    I believe we have an arrangement with a carrier to collect from a customer


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  9. photo2u

    photo2u Member

    Hello Ken,

    I will continue this via personal e-mail. I am the person with the "Panchito Pistolas" Patches.

  10. Maverickson

    Maverickson Active Member

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Hi All,

    Thought I might chime in on glue being used in the construction of new jackets. Right wrong or indifferent, in doing repair work I find quite often that glue was used and continues to be used as a construction aid.

    That seen below is the original 66 year old sleeve seam being separated and the damage to the top coat that resulted when separating this particular originally glued seam.

    Cheers, Dave
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  11. Ken at Aero Leather

    Ken at Aero Leather Well-Known Member

    Exactly why we've stopped taking Japanese jackets in for repair..............although they aren't the only culprits.
    A leather jacket should be constructed so it can be repaired and repaired and repaired, the more glue used the more impossible this becomes

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