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Discussion in 'Vintage' started by coalman, Dec 31, 2016.

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    west midlands uk
    Hello All

    Many years ago back in the 80's I was the proud owner of a 1941 Irvin jacket which I paid £25 at a aerojumble at Staverton airport in Gloucester in the UK.
    I kept it for a few years then sold it on as lost interest in the flying clothing collecting scene however I did indulge myself buying a "A2" style jacket which was advirtised on the back of the B17 Sally B membership magazine just after the Memphis Belle film was released here in the UK, which I still have.
    A few years ago my interest in flying jackets was rekindled and so brought a BOB ELC Irvin which though good was not the same as an original Irvin (though since then I have been advised the old merino types were far better), sold that one on.
    Of late I have been seeking another Irvin jacket and this week was offerred an original jacket-in my size of 48" which is rare itself but the price was £900 !
    So my question to you all is what original jacket would you like to buy in 2017 an what would you be prepared to pay for it or if you already buy original jackets in a wearable condition- whats the average price do you pay for them.

    Happy new year to you all

  2. Roughwear

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    £900 for a size 48 original Irvin would be a fair price if the jacket was in very good all original condition with the label and elastic strap. I have paid more than this for pristine, larger sized all original early Irvins. But I have also been lucky and paid much less!
  3. johnwayne

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    Given that most high end repro's are up there then £900 doesn't seem extortionate, so ultimately I guess it comes down to how much you really want said jacket vs the funds available at the time! Also, are you buying it in the hope of it being an investment or just 'cos you really like/want a certain jacket. On a personal note I just feel that at that kind of price it would need to be pretty special and I do have a concern that if you are buying of eBay and not seeing it for real before pushing that buy button then there's always an element of risk that it will fall short of expectations but if you've got funds to gamble then it ain't such a problem!!

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