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Discussion in 'Cloth' started by Thomas Koehle, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Thomas Koehle

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    Mexico Aguascalientes
    My name is Thomas and i`m addicted to deck jackets ...

    Got 2 new repop deck jackets outta china - this time off the manufacturer "BOB DONG" and want to share my experiences:

    I got one in both the khaki as well as in the nevy blue/darkgrey version

    they have versions with just the stencil on the chest or with both chest and back stenciled (USN on chest / US NAVY on back)

    fabric is pretty heavy and looks realistic compared with the material of some NOS USN coveralls I have in my collection

    the colour of the darkblue version is very near to the colour of the bibs

    size is both 44

    clasps close tight - the grey alpaca liner is a bit itchy but fine so far

    1st pic shows the khaki / OD version compared to a Bronson N1 outta my collection


    Bronson was washed once before

    both the bluegrey and khaki version


    those jackets are really heavy - will provide more info about the weight as soon as I'm back home


    on the last 2 pics you might get an idea about the material - pockets are double layered and should carry a lot of weight

    all in all i`m really satisfied with the jackets - although I do not know wether this particular N1 version (hooks with the outer pockets) ever existed

    downthing is: I tossed the khaki jacket in the washer with 30 degree C - took the program for "delicate" garment and when she came out she showed light crincles in the surface - will drop some pics "after washing" asap - up to now ALL repop N1 in my collection mastered the washer - the Bob Dong jacket is the first one which "failed"
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  2. B-Man2

    B-Man2 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking collection. What's the cost of a repro compared to an original these days?
  3. dmar836

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    Kansas, USA
    Welcome aboard! gotta love USN jackets.
  4. Gabe Treadway

    Gabe Treadway New Member

    Hi i'm wanting to buy a Bronson N1 deck jacket and the only thing I'm hung up on is the sizing. I wear a 38 in buzz rickson model and was wondering if Bronson measured the same? thank you

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