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    Here is the list of the 15 B-10 manufacturers awarded US government contracts and purchase orders. It is from "Full Gear" by Aota Mituhiro. It is worth remembering that in the 1940s the US fiscal year the fiscal year began on 1 July and ended on 30 June, so I would expect production to start sometime after 1 July 1943.

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    Thanks for the post Roughwear, great information.

    I wonder if it’s possible to find out at what point in the fiscal year were the actual contract dates, then when work actually started producing a particular contract and how long it took to complete production, then how long it took for a contract to make it through the supply chain to being issued for use, and where they ended up being issued.
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    This is work in progress. The unit cost of a B-10 jacket was $9 in 1943-4.
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    Development began at Wright Field in October 1942 on the B-10 jacket and Type A-9 trousers. These garments were standardised on 22nd July 1943 and changed to substitute standard on 7 April 1944, when the B-15 jacket and A-11 trousers were standardised.
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    If anyone has the specification or Technical Order for the B-10 please can they post it in this thread.
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    1) There are 2 format of order no. One is AC 351. The other is 44-10097 - this also happens in other USAF jkt - Which of the format is earlier as cannot compare the last suffix in 2 diff. format.
    2) Can stock no. tell the year/ date of manufacture ? What info can stock no. provides ?
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    The AC numbers are the contract numbers and those beginning 44 are the purchase order numbers. They are all from the 1944 fiscal year. I now have the precise dates of the contracts, including the completion dates, but not the precise purchase order dates.

    The Class 13 Catalogue is a useful resource for stock numbers and the cost of individual USAAF items.
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    B-10/A-9 contracts

    Unit costs: B-10 jacket: $9, A-9 trousers:$6 (See Class 13 Catalogue)

    This is not a complete list, but gives a good indication of the size of contracts to the different makers.

    Sovereign W11-107 AC96(41) 196k awarded 10/43 completed 12/43 quantity 13,066

    Metro Sportswear W30-053 AC 531 $138K awarded 9/43 completed 2/44 quantity 9,200

    Roughwear W30-053 AC 964 $127k awarded 4/44 completed 6/44: quantity 8,466

    L.S.L Garment contract W30-053 AC 965 $202K awarded 3/44 completed 6/44 quantity 13,466

    Oldin-Denis contract W30-053 AC967 $458K awarded 3/44 completed 6/44 quantity 30,533

    Superior Togs Co contract W30-053 AC968 $120K awarded 3/44 completed 6/44 quantity 8,000

    Albert Turner Inc contract W30-053 AC969 $222 awarded 4/44 completed 6/44 quantity 14,800

    Goodwear Leather contract W30-053 AC 970 $70k awarded 4/44 completed 6/44 quantity 4,666

    Dann Clothing Co contract W30-053 AC 971 $371K awarded 3/44 completed 6/44 quantity24,733

    Stagg Coat Co contract W30-053 AC 972 $778K awarded 3/44 completed 6/44 quantity 51,866

    Source: original award of contract documents
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    Glad to see my hardwork is being put to some use Andrew ! ;)
  10. Carl

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    Out of the 18 contracts awarded for B10/A9 combo , I have positively nailed down the contract award dates and value for 17 of them .
    Only one contract seems to have been for under the $50k , so that one unfortunately is not listed in my lists .
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    Thx Carl nice work.
    Thx for sharing.
    Any Aero contract?
  12. Carl

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    No contract for a B10 by Aero Leather im afraid .They did have B15 and B15a contracts though :)

  13. Carl

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    Updated contract list for all 18 manufacturers . The contracts for Bernstein and Excel could possibly be wrong , more research is needed to identify if they had B9/A8 contracts just to be sure .
  14. Carl

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    Your most welcome

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