AVI LTHR BRONCO A-2 Jacket Review & Pics

Discussion in 'Repros' started by Brettafett, May 7, 2018.

  1. ties70

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    spending so much time and posts on this thread actually shows this (at least for me):

    1. If you post something, you should be able to accept that others here have a different opinion.

    2. We should not see this different opinion as a personal attack.

    3. If it was meant as a personal attack or sounds like one, we should not be surprised that the other side "bites back".

    4. BUT: This forum is much more civilized than it was years ago. We filled 14 pages of thread without personal insults, no one demanded others to be expelled ....that was different some (long) time ago, when member's "right" even to join a discussion was disputed by others. I remember when one member criticized me and thought I was a newbie and not even entitled to have an opinion, not to mention a different one.

    This said, I think we really had a grown-up discussion here in the last days....Way to go, VLJ!

  2. Dr H

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    Personally, the cut of the authentic A-1 on the right isn't the best either - look at the tautness of that cape around the chest/collar/first button...
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  3. Ken at Aero Leather

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    Well said Ties, I recall a time fairly recently when the only posts on VLJ were ones asking why there were no posts or one's berating any newbie.
    As a teenage I loved Speakers Corner on a Sunday
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  4. Thomas Koehle

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    Well said!

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