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    While on my never ending search to marry up clothing and equipment that is marked solely with a contract/order number and no maker , i am coming across alot of contracts with this prefix
    11107 AC
    now ,knowing that the norm for AC contracts PRIOR to July 43 is W535-AC- and Post July 43 is 33 038.
    W= War Department followed by 535. 535 reflects that procurement was executed through the USAAF Material Command, Wright Field Ohio. All procurement agencies and districts will have a designated code prefix. This prefix was changed to 33-038 in the fiscal year 1944 and similar codes for all procurement agencies. 33= Wright Field and 038= Material Command.

    Now ,if im correct in remembering what i have been told by member ROUGHWEAR , the Fiscal year ran between June to July (Is that correct Andrew ? i cant find the relevant message now !)

    Here is an example from my contracts list , Its for the contract awarded to S J Campbell Co for "summer flying suits" Taking a stab at the dates it could be for an A4 suit contract but more likely the AN6550/AN-S-31 suit ?
    After a fairly exhaustive search through all the AC contracts i have lists for , this number does not appear after Febuary 1944 , but appears a lot during 1943 .

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