30-1415 Flying Jacket, Type A-2

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    A quick fyi. Still haven't found the Air Corps garment drawing document "30-1415 Flying Jacket, Type A-2", but I have to tip my hat to the National Archives as they're tearing the place up to find it. From their last note ...

    "We searched Publications of the U.S. Government (Record Group 287), Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General (Record Group 92), and Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations (Record Group 342). Within Record Group 342 Entry P 26, Research and Development files we were able to locate several files related to the Flying Jacket but they were correspondence files that refer to the specification and changes and do not include drawings."

    The National Archives have been incredibly helpful and most gracious in this search. I may be able to head out to look for the documents myself later this year, but to be fair I will likely have the same result. Still, there are a lot of items they have recently uncovered and those documents may shed some more light on the A-2 history. If I can't make it the National Archives has kindly sent me information for private researchers that may be able to help further.

    I'll post more when I have it.

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