1989 Kakadu Oilskin Motorcycle Jacket

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    Years ago, I bought a Kakadu Traders Australia Oilskin Motorcycle jacket from a now closed vintage clothing store for, if I remember correctly, around $40. I bought it because it had a uniqueness to it, but eventually gave it to a friend because it didn't fit me the way I wanted it to.

    After completely wearing my Berman to shreds... I hit my buddy up to see if he still had it. I offered to buy it back but he kindly let me have it back.

    This jacket is a little short on me, as it was nearly 10 years ago, but I fell in love with it all over again.

    After extensive google/ebay searches, I can't for the life of me find a Kakadu Oilskin in a motorcycle cut.

    My question to you is, have you ever seen or heard of such a jacket? Should I keep this thing in the closet? I can't seem to let it off my shoulders. 20170417_014355.jpg 20170417_014522.jpg
  2. Thomas Koehle

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    Mexico Aguascalientes
    does not look familiar to be ...

    just for the cut and material I'd rather use it than preserve it ...
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    I agree...wear it. I've not come across that brand either.
  4. Bombing IP

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    Its a CHP cut of a Belstaff ,nothing special . Company started by Richard Carles Willis in 1972 still around ,I do not see that jacket in there lineup any more ,their avg price of jacket are USD 180 .

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